Data Collection "SPC"

Analyze data in real-time and check variable and attribute inspection to maximize production and minimize defects.
Input Devices
The input tool is an interface enabling you to easily input measurement data from a Mitutoyo measuring instrument with the digimatic output feature to your PC.
These cables connect to gages with output feature to input devices
U-WAVE Measurement Data Wireless Communication System Features easy wireless data communication from a measuring tool to a PC using the Digimatic protocol. Measurement efficiency is improved by eliminating the long and cumb
Wireless-MicroRidge Mobile Collect
"MicroRidge designs and manufactures a broad range of wired and wireless measurement collection solutions, including MobileCollect wireless, GageWay interfaces, and WedgeLink hardware and software keyboard wedges."
Multiplexers are data transfer device that allow the hookup of multiple devices (two/ /four/ eight) and output measurement data to RS-232C serial port of a PC.
MeasurLink Real-Time performs as a data acquisition clearinghouse by enabling you to connect and acquire data from virtually any measuring device. It supports the full range of metrology technology, including calipers, micrometers, indicators, CMMs, visio
Compact and powerful these printers, they calculate and print data direct from tools